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A Patient Attraction System For Greater Patient Numbers

To help boost patient numbers and expand and grow your dental practice it is important that you have a good patient attraction system in place which works effectively to find new patients 24 hours a

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Ancient Health and Wellness Techniques Still Helpful Today

Right now is the modern age. When people in the early 19th century imagined how the next century would be, it would be what we are right now. Advancements to agriculture, transportation, communication, health, and

Inflamed upper gums of woman

Dental Health Basics: All About Gum Disease

Gum disease is an infection that could lead to a host of health issues, such as tooth loss and severe gum damage, if left unaddressed. It has also been associated with a higher risk of

Man feeling his hair

Modern Procedures to Battle Hair Loss Effectively

Are you worried about hair loss, or are you unhappy with the state of your eyebrows (or lack of)? A permanent cosmetic tattoo should solve your problem. Even with current removal methods, it is not

Tummy Tuck

Dealing with Your Tummy Tuck After Your Surgery

A flatter tummy may be something that you have been dreaming of. Maybe, you are too invested in fitness exercises that you have a full year of membership, and you have been too strict with

Talking to a doctor

Chronic Sinusitis: Do You Know if You Have It?

Sinus problems affect more than 37 million Americans today. While worrying over pulmonary and cardiac illness preoccupy people more, we must be more aware of the number of people diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and how

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