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Thumb Sucking: The Good and the Bad for Your Child

Thumb sucking is one of those things kids do that causes disagreement among parents. Some think it’s good, while others say it’s bad. Some don’t care, while others shame moms who let kids do it

Adult Acne: Understanding and Coping with It

Most people have experienced an acne filled face during their puberty years. Looking at the mirror is dreadful, so is washing your face because it would mean touching those sensitive and inflamed parts. Luckily, after

Woman eating junk food

Top Four Signs You Have a Bad Diet

Food is life, they say, and it is. It is where you get the energy you need to do things and fulfill your dreams. The behavior that you have towards food may be synonymous to

doctor examining a man with back pain

Alternative Therapies for Relieving Fibromyalgia Pain

If you are living with fibromyalgia, you are already fully aware of the daily body-wide pain you have to suffer through, along with sleeplessness, constant fatigue, mild to moderate depression, fibro fog, and sensitivity to

boracay island in the philippines

Retreat and Relaxation: 4 Best Places to Visit in Asia

In today’s fast-paced world, many people are missing a lot of opportunities due to their hectic schedules. From the heavy workload to personal errands, we tend to forget to take a breather and enjoy some

Girl suffering from bulimia eats dinner with dessert

How Bulimia Can Affect Your Physical Health

Bulimia is a very serious eating disorder mainly characterized by a pattern of binging and purging to lose weight. But it’s more than just that. It can take an enormous toll on your emotional health.

Why Team Goals Should Include Fitness

Strength in a team is not just important in the invisible ties that bring everyone together. You know you have a strong team when they reach their goals and even surpass expectations. They are not

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