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father bonding with baby

Great Lifestyle Tips for Dads

All dads want to be the best fathers they can be. Here are four ways to do it.  Staying Healthy No matter who you are, what you do, or how much you take care of

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The Effect of Good Hair Days on Your Mindset

Is your glass half-full or half-empty? By giving “half-full” as an answer, it already hints about your positive mindset and outlook on life. And that’s a healthy way to live — optimism improves your psychological

kid drinking milk

How Your Child Can Learn the Art of Mindful Eating

The practice of mindfulness is not only beneficial for adults seeking to slow down and be more present as they live. Teaching kids to live mindfully allows them to adopt healthier eating practices and makes

dentist attending to patient

Invisible braces; the golden age of orthodontics

It has long been a goal in orthodontics to develop places that were convenient to wear and completely unnoticeable. The traditional metal brace is nearly 100 years old and almost as old are clear ceramic

parked bicycles

Two-Wheeled Traveler: A Bike for Every City Dweller

One of the more appealing traits of cities and metropolitan areas has always been the social amenities that they have. Work and other career opportunities are also more prevalent here than in rural areas. Furthermore,

woman with acne

Hormonal Imbalance: Signs You Should Look out For

Hormones help regulate some of the major processes in the body. Produced by the endocrine system’s glands, these chemicals send messages as to what the organs need to do and when to do it by

woman with well taken care of face

Effective Ways to Help You Manage Your Oily Skin Better

Most people think that having oily skin is nothing but a frustrating problem, but it’s actually a blessing in disguise. Having oily skin gives you better sun damage resistance, makes you look more youthful and

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