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White teeth

Can Baking Soda Really Whiten Teeth?

A person’s teeth can change in color subtly and gradually. That’s why some of us are always on the lookout for products that can help maintain their bright white quality. One such product found at

tooth for dental implants

The Benefits of Dental Implants Over Other Procedures

Despite the many developments and advancements that have taken place in the dental industry, many people are still suffering from teeth and gum-related problems. According to the World Dental Federation, untreated tooth decay impacts 44% of

studio portrait with make up and wavy hair

How to Reduce the Look of Lip Lines

For some individuals, particularly sun worshipers and smokers, lip lines could become an annoyance that they consider having cosmetic surgery. Decades of excess sun exposure and cigarette smoking can result in plenty of fine lip

woman having her eyebrow trimmed

Must You Stick with Just One Lash & Brow Stylist?

Are you looking for a near-perfect means to always look flawless and with the least amount of effort? You have two options at your disposal. First, you can choose to have lash and brow extensions.

Man having a pain in his shoulder

SLAP Tear: Its Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

A superior labrum from anterior to posterior (SLAP) tear is an injury to one of the shoulder joint’s components known as the labrum. Your shoulder joint is a socket and ball joint much like your

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