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Supporting a Sick Loved One During the Pandemic

If any one of your loved ones gets sick during the crisis, this can easily put additional stress on your family. This is even if they are presenting symptoms not related to COVID-19. This is since the

healthy diet

Superfoods That Should Be In Your Diet Now

Superfoods is a recently coined term that refers to food that offers multiple health benefits for disease prevention. They are a nutrient-rich food that contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants with few calories. Unfortunately, superfoods are

eye checkup

Delving Deeper into the Shades of Color Blindness

Do you ever wonder how people see colors? It begins with the light that enters the planet. Although some people think they’re all white, in reality, they come in different wavelengths, bearing their respective colors.

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Taking Care of Yourself While in Recovery

When you succumb to addiction, this will quickly overpower everything in your life. It is easy to lose oneself when you don’t recognize that there are problems, and that’s what addiction does to a person—they

beauty products

Beauty Products: Do They Actually Work?

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar market. Over the years, it has grown so popular that people are spending more time and money on beauty products than ever before. Since the beauty industry is

happy woman

How to Live the Best of Your Life

Many people hate themselves and are trapped in the rabbit hole of self-hatred and criticism. This can worsen severe conditions such as anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. However, we ought to be more

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