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man with a missing tooth

Missing Teeth Cause More Than Gaps

While gaps or spaces between teeth are mostly an aesthetic problem, they have far-reaching consequences. Apart from making you feel uncomfortable when talking, smiling, or laughing, they can also negatively affect your confidence or even


Oriental Pain Management Methods That Work

Traditional Chinese medicine traces its roots to medical tracts written over 3,000 years ago. The practice has evolved over the years, but it still makes use of ancient methods. Medical experts are now studying these

fruits and vegetables packed in a lunch box

Eat Well, Smile Better: A Diet for Healthy Teeth

Your dental care routine shouldn’t end with regular brushing and flossing. Diet also plays an important role in preventing oral complications, such as tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, and gum disease. This goes beyond avoiding food

Top view of a men's head with a receding hair line - Before and After

Hair Loss in Asia: Causes and Treatments

Hair loss doesn’t know gender or race. According to a study in the Annals of Dermatology, androgenic alopecia (AGA) or male-pattern baldness affects up to 73% of Asian men and women. The problem can also

damaged hair

Bring Back the Shine: Habits for Heat Damaged Hair

Hair is sensitive to changes in the environment, including fluctuations in humidity or extreme heat. Heat can damage the hair and leave the scalp irritated. But more often, it is the heat styling tools like

Elderly man being comforted

Early Signs of Alzheimer’s You Should Not Ignore

Misplacing the keys, forgetting important dates or why you walked into a room all seem like a normal occurrence for most people. But when these things become more frequent and start interfering with your day-to-day

Thumb Sucking: The Good and the Bad for Your Child

Thumb sucking is one of those things kids do that causes disagreement among parents. Some think it’s good, while others say it’s bad. Some don’t care, while others shame moms who let kids do it

Adult Acne: Understanding and Coping with It

Most people have experienced an acne filled face during their puberty years. Looking at the mirror is dreadful, so is washing your face because it would mean touching those sensitive and inflamed parts. Luckily, after

Woman eating junk food

Top Four Signs You Have a Bad Diet

Food is life, they say, and it is. It is where you get the energy you need to do things and fulfill your dreams. The behavior that you have towards food may be synonymous to

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