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Natural Ways to Get Whiter Teeth

Americans spend billions of dollars on teeth whitening products, and it’s easy to understand why. According to the American Association of Cosmetic Dentists, almost half of Americans say that the first thing they remember when


Fundamental Information About Orthodontic Headgear

Like any bone or joint in your body, your jaw can become misaligned. This happens mostly because of neglect and bad habits. If you often put yourself in an awkward physical position for a long

woman doing yoga exercises at home

Don’t Forget to Slow Down

Productivity is the hustle culture’s currency in this world. Even when you’re walking, you have to do something a little productive, like listen to podcasts and audiobooks. When you’re at work, productivity should be at


Thinking about a Smile Makeover?

Many dental practices are moving beyond the constraints of tending only to teeth and gums and are encompassing the needs of their patients in alternative ways as well. A dentist in Richmond understands that a


Never too old to have straight teeth

Many people believe that if they haven’t had their teeth straightened during their teenage years that they are far too old to have that smile they have always wanted. Other misconceptions include that it is

clear braces

Overcoming the challenges of wearing clear braces

The increased exposure to mass media platforms such as social media and television, have caused 31% of the UK population to worry about the appearance of their smiles. To correct issues that create less-than-attractive smiles,

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