Can Baking Soda Really Whiten Teeth?

Tatum Waters | January 15, 2020 | Health and Wellness

It’s Not Your Kid’s Fault: Ways Moms Can Keep an Active Lifestyle

Tatum Waters | December 10, 2019 | Health and Wellness

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Modern Procedures to Battle Hair Loss Effectively

Are you worried about hair loss, or are you unhappy with the state of your eyebrows (or lack of)? A permanent cosmetic tattoo should solve your problem. Even with current removal methods, it is not possible to remove the scar or colouring completely. The method

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Real Talk: Is Validation Demeaning for Dementia Patients?

As dementia progresses, most people slip into a different reality that doesn’t make rational sense. This manifests in various forms, like for instance, that time your aging mom convinced their doctor to go home with them because she believes he’s her husband, or when she

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Qualify for Disability Benefits at the First Try

Many people register dismal results when applying for social security benefits. Most of them are caught unawares by the grueling vetting process involved, and this contributes to the documented lower success levels. Hiring a social security disability lawyer in Utah increases your chances of success

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