Careers to Pursue If You Like Taking Care of People

Tatum Waters | February 18, 2020 | Health and Wellness

Simple Ways to Improve Your Smile

Tatum Waters | February 8, 2020 | Health and Wellness

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Here Are 5 Possible Reasons You Have a Headache in the Morning

More than 15 percent of adults in the U.S. complain about severe headaches, the condition primarily persistent in women. Even if you’re not a headache sufferer, however, chances are you’ve had your share of this problem — especially as soon as you wake up in

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How Bulimia Can Affect Your Physical Health

Bulimia is a very serious eating disorder mainly characterized by a pattern of binging and purging to lose weight. But it’s more than just that. It can take an enormous toll on your emotional health. Additionally, the vicious cycle of binging and purging can result

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Eat Well, Smile Better: A Diet for Healthy Teeth

Your dental care routine shouldn’t end with regular brushing and flossing. Diet also plays an important role in preventing oral complications, such as tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, and gum disease. This goes beyond avoiding food and beverages high in sugar. Food Contributes to Plaque Buildup

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